MEDMIX attending KIMES 2018 held in Seoul, Korea. from March.15th until 18th

2018-03-26 03:11
The professional medical device company, “MEDMIX” providing you with the total medical solution for the better life!
KIMES is the biggest medical show and its scale is getting larger consistently.
MEDMIX has attended KIMES every single year and especially this year, we displayed a variety of items at KIMES with the special booth design.

It’s the official photo zone of KIMES2018 in COEX hall.

The special MEDMIX booth was built in KIMES2018.

Smartlux Mini and A+Laser.
Our main devices are exhibited in front.

We launced Claro Medi, which is a professional air care system for medical insititutions with the patented technology called CATACOAT.

A number of persons visited our booth with high attention.

Some of visitors tried Smartlux by themselves and their feedback was very positive.
Smartlux can be used in every position flexibly such as sitting on a chair or lying on a bed because the ratative arm is adopted.

Korean reporters also came to our booth to write an article about the leading medical techonology.

Mei Vu, Skin analyzer adopting high pixel camera also received the good responses from the customers at CIBE2018 because the “Smartlux recommendation function” is inserted in the analysis software. Mei Vu provides a suggestion for the best phototherapy solution according to each person’s skin type so that you can get the customized skin treatment.

We had a great success from KIMES2018 exhibition and cathed the opportunity to expand our business further. We always appreciate the cooperation with all our partners and continue to grow up with you by offering better medical solution.

Thank you.